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Circuit Bastides and Castelnaux

4h easy

Length of the route : 80.0 km Town : Marciac

Circuit Patrimoine des Bastides et Castelnaux In the heart of Gascony, discover the small country heritage: bastides and castelnaux. From the hills of the Astarac to the Pays d'Artagnan, you will navigate the Gers countryside where amazing and unknown villages (sometimes even gersois themselves!) Will be available to you.

Your journey will take you on road ridges with beautiful landscapes and views.

  • 1 Fiche Marciac

    This Bastide was founded in 1298, after a "paréage" between the abbot of the mo

  • 2 Mixte Bassoues

  • 3 Mixte Montesquiou

  • 4 Mixte Saint-Arailles

  • 5 Mixte Bazian

  • 6 Mixte Lupiac

  • 7 Mixte Plaisance-du-Gers

  • 8 Mixte Beaumarchés

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Grands sites Midi-Pyrénées
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