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  • Sur les pas de d'Artagnan

    Length of the route : 50.4 km

    Le héros légendaire de roman de cape et d'épée immortalisé par Alexandre Dumas a bel et bien existé. C'est sur la terre natale de Charles de Batz, plus connu sous le nom de d'Artagnan, ...

    6h easy
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  • Circuit de la plaine

    Length of the route : 14.9 km

    This tour will take you to discover the bastide with two places. After a tour in the city (4 historical circuits affixed on the buildings of the city center), the path goes towards the ...

    3h easy
    1h30 easy
    1h45 easy
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  • La lanterne de Bigorre

    Length of the route : 5.5 km

    The plain of Lafitole, which extends on the right bank of the Adour, has the peculiarity of having in its center a limestone mound which constitutes an extraordinary point of view. In 1600 ...

    1h30 easy
    30min easy
    45min easy
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  • Sentier de Villefranque

    Length of the route : 5.5 km

    Located on the slope of a small hill overlooking the plains of the Adour and its tributary Louet, this hillside disappears almost immediately a few hundred meters from the village. At the ...

    1h30 easy
    40min easy
    55min easy
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  • Sentier découverte de la forêt ...

    Length of the route : 3.4 km

    You will find the fountain of Saint Esselin from which water has sprung, and an oratory probably related to the life of this saint. You will see old oaks over 5 m in circumference. You ...

    1h10 easy
    20min easy
    35min easy
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    Length of the route : 88.8 km

    The delights of a rich river multifaceted. The Path of the Adour is over 83km between Bazet (Haute-Garonne) and Barcelona-du-Gers. It runs along the Adour river and through towns and villages. ...

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  • Au croisement des GR

    Length of the route : 19.9 km

    This route takes the GR 653 (Santiago de Compostela) and the GR101. You will pass in front of the Benedictine abbey of Larreule founded at the end of the Xth century then the castle of ...

    5h30 difficult
    2h difficult
    2h15 difficult
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  • Les collines

    Length of the route : 4.7 km

    The wooded hills on both sides of the Midour valley are home to the pretty village of Pouydraguin. A detour to admire the church which must be considered as one of the oldest in the Gers, ...

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  • Sentier de Lascazères

    Length of the route : 10.1 km

    On the paths of Lascazères, discover sequoia, cedar of Lebanon, perfumed undergrowth, the fountain, the ponds, the wash-house, the places of Monguillon, the church, the gardens of the ...

    2h35 easy
    1h easy
    1h15 easy
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  • Sentier de Vidouze

    Length of the route : 11.1 km

    The Vidouze settlement dates back to Neolithic times and the heart of the village comes from a medieval castral site. The visitor will be able to admire in Arriagosse, a magnificent altarpiece ...

    3h easy
    1h5 easy
    1h20 easy
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