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  • Des vignes, un paysage

    Length of the route : 13.7 km

    Former stronghold of the Low River located 250m above sea level, the village dominates the valley of the Adour. All along the circuit you will be surprised by the diversity of landscapes. ...

    3h25 average
    1h25 average
    1h40 average
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  • Grand circuit des palombières

    Length of the route : 6.5 km

    This loop, entirely in undergrowth, with circuit with theme and its palombières, gives points of view on the countryside, the market town and the Pyrenees. The supervised beach and the ...

    1h40 easy
    40min easy
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  • Petit circuit des Palombières

    Length of the route : 5.0 km

    Departing from the Lac de la Forêt, the loop, entirely undergrowth with theme circuit and its palombières, offers views of the countryside, the village and the Pyrenees. The supervised ...

    1h easy
    30min easy
    45min easy
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  • Lac de la forêt

    Length of the route : 12.5 km

    From the center of the village, go back to the forest lake to find the circuit 2 theme and its palombières. Between town, forest and lake, travel Aignan with views of the countryside, ...

    3h30 average
    1h15 average
    1h30 average
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  • Patrimoine et vignoble madiranais ...

    Length of the route : 17.7 km

    Discover Madiran by crossing the built heritage of the village with the wash and the fountain of the Mouras, the fountain of the Marianne, the hall, the church and priory, the vineyard ...

    4h45 difficult
    1h50 difficult
    2h5 difficult
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  • A la découverte de l'histoire

    Length of the route : 4.2 km

    On a hill, surrounded by the vineyards of Saint-Mont, Bouzon-Gellenave recalls the age of its soil: prehistoric and Gallo-Roman traces, motte of Saint-Gô. The town still has 4 churches ...

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  • Autour de Sabazan

    Length of the route : 5.5 km

    Located on a mound, Sabazan dominates the Midour valley and offers a beautiful view of the Pyrenees. This pleasant path also allows you to discover the medieval castle of the fifteenth ...

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  • De lavoirs en ruelles en passant ...

    Length of the route : 6.9 km

    Riscle visited by its alleys, washhouses and medieval pousterles through the canals that go to the Adour. Discover the Saint-Pierre church and the pousterle of the castle.

    2h easy
    40min easy
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  • Du pont de Riscle au pont de Tarsac ...

    Length of the route : 5.5 km

    From bridge to bridge along the railway line, discover the natural banks, basin bordering the river, saligues and Barthes, serving as a quiet area for birds and fish.

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  • Entre vignes et Adour

    Length of the route : 8.0 km

    Discovering the vineyard, the enigmas of the history of Saint-Mont, you will discover the winemakers of Saint Mont, the village, the Priory and the streets with half-timbered houses.

    2h easy
    50min easy
    1h5 easy
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  • Viella, le Baradat

    Length of the route : 5.4 km

    Walk the hillsides of the vineyard for a dive on the Pyrenees. In Viella, you will discover in particular the domains of the producers of Madiran and Pacherenc.

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