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On horseback

  • Circuit des champs

    Length of the route : 14.4 km

    The route starts from the bastide Marciac founded at the end of the 13th century, and which has retained its medieval character with its arcaded square. The route takes you to the charming ...

    4h30 difficult
    1h25 difficult
    1h40 difficult
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  • Entre Bigorre et Gascogne

    Length of the route : 10.4 km

    In the past, Auriebat was famous for its water mills and it was at the end of the 15th century that the fortified church was built. The bell tower, over 53m high, is one of the most remarkable ...

    2h45 easy
    1h easy
    1h15 easy
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  • Circuit de Castelnau

    Length of the route : 9.0 km

    Tillac is a typical village of Gers. Crossed by an alleyway framed by two covered galleries, resting on large wooden pillars, the city center will charm you just as this circuit that takes ...

    2h15 easy
    55min easy
    1h10 easy
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  • La Madeleine

    Length of the route : 4.2 km

    This small itinerary is ideal for families and lovers of discovery takes paths, partly paved and passes through many sites: Ladèveze-Ville, fortified village of La Madeleine where you ...

    1h easy
    25min easy
    40min easy
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  • Entre Adour et Echez

    Length of the route : 8.9 km

    You will follow the Adour, stride brooks discovering a variety of flora and fauna. Admire the Pyrenees, spot butterflies, fine-grained coral, gray heron, mallards and gallinules. Breathe ...

    2h10 easy
    55min easy
    1h10 easy
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  • Sentier de Sauveterre

    Length of the route : 9.7 km

    You will pass near the fountain of Pantare and will have in edge of wood, a splendid point of view on the center of the village. You can visit the former washhouse of Theodore. Further ...

    2h30 easy
    1h easy
    1h15 easy
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  • Circuit des vignes

    Length of the route : 11.7 km

    Start in Plaisance, this bastide is from the 14th century, whose characteristic is to have two arcaded squares, the path leads to the hills with beautiful views of the surroundings villages ...

    2h30 average
    1h30 average
    1h30 average
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  • Sur les sentiers de l'Histoire

    Length of the route : 6.3 km

    A large loop offers you to discover works of art, a rich archaeological heritage, historical or natural with the Adour and Echez and their canals. (Romanesque church, bridges, fountains, ...

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  • La promenade des vicomtes

    Length of the route : 19.7 km

    This trip to the adaptable length thanks to its variants, traced on the former possessions of the viscount of Rivière-Labatut evokes a trip back in time. Paths marked with history will ...

    5h difficult
    2h difficult
    2h15 difficult
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  • Circuit de la plaine

    Length of the route : 14.9 km

    This tour will take you to discover the bastide with two places. After a tour in the city (4 historical circuits affixed on the buildings of the city center), the path goes towards the ...

    3h easy
    1h30 easy
    1h45 easy
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  • La lanterne de Bigorre

    Length of the route : 5.5 km

    The plain of Lafitole, which extends on the right bank of the Adour, has the peculiarity of having in its center a limestone mound which constitutes an extraordinary point of view. In 1600 ...

    1h30 easy
    30min easy
    45min easy
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