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Tourism and disabilities

The Tourism and Handicap label is a trademark owned by the state, filed with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). It was created in 2001 by the Ministry of Tourism as part of the policy for access to holidays and integration of people with disabilities. It identifies facilities and tourist sites accessible to people with disabilities, whether visual , hearing or mental.


The label essentially addresses two objectives:

  • - Develop tourism adapted to disabilities
  • - Anticipate the legal requirements for accessibility
It gives people with disabilities or with special requirements  a reliable, objective and uniform assessment of premises, equipment and travel services.


It is also a promotional tool for tourism professionals.


The label is granted in accordance with national procedures, including the "Tourism and Handicap" association and ensures consistency within the framework of the system.


To be certified, the site must meet all specifications and the manager must be committed to ensuring a sustainable service tailored to guest's requirements, as well as a warm welcome.


Prepare your stay in the heart of the South West and Gascony with the Tourism and Handicap Committee of the Gers Tourism authority
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