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Life is much softer, much easier, in summer. And it is in Marciac more than anywhere else when, from late July to mid-August, the greatest names of jazz come to drop their suitcases full of swing and dream in the village with two steeples.



The affectionate little name of Jazz In Marciac, obviously. And rather than ballad, we should talk about saga as the adventure of this festival is rich and hectic.

When, in 1978, the Foyer des Jeunes and Education Populaire organized a performance with clarinetist Claude Luter in the bullring, no one could have imagined that, a few years later, tens of thousands of visitors would flock to applaud in the heart of summer the biggest names of the jazz planet ...


The ingredients of such success?

It is impossible to name them all, but we must emphasize the human dimension of this festival which, gathered under the tutelary and friendly figure of Wynton Marsalis, an armada of volunteers brings all its enthusiasm. The same passion takes us, whether we take advantage of the giant marquee, the beautiful room of L'Astrada, or that we stroll in the alleys of the festival Bis, enjoying not only the music but also the exhibitions of the gallerists, the craft products and local gastronomic specialties.

In an unusual bucolic setting for a cellar music, JIM has taken beautiful colors. From blues to world music through soul and latin jazz, he has opened up to neighboring music without ever forgetting his roots or giving in to demagoguery.

Jazz workshops at the Marciac College, concerts all year long, internships and master classes, the territories of jazz ...


The JIM festival is all that, and so much more. How could one fall asleep on one's laurels when one has such a sense of rhythm?

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